Ready for Change?

Welcome! Whatever lies ahead for your organization, change is coming. We work at the intersection of leadership, strategy, and system change to help our clients create futures of their own choosing. How can we help you?



We are two organizations with a single goal to align people to create inspiring futures of their own choosing.


At DTA we coach and consult with leaders, advise on strategy, and facilitate whole system change with organizations in business, nonprofit, and government sectors. We specialize in creating large group interactive processes that align people to create positive futures.


New Campus Dynamics provides support to leaders at colleges and universities who need to accelerate innovation and change. With decades of experience in higher education, we help those leaders engage faculty, staff, and students in defining a shared vision and achieving it.

Executive Leadership Mentor Program

The Executive Leadership Mentor program is a 1-on-1 professional growth program for executives who want to build their leadership capacity. You meet with Al Blixt privately by phone or video conference for regularly scheduled sessions. 

You will cover everything (from big-picture strategy to day-today tactics and execution) is custom-tailored around your strengths, needs, and personal goals.


Board Development

Build the capacity of your governing board with consulting and retreat facilitation. From leadership labs in governance to strategy development to creating an innovative board culture, we can help your board grow the skills and capabilities your organization needs.

Let's Explore the Possibilities

You can schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call where we can discuss your goals and you can get a sense of how we work and whether we are the right consultants for you.


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